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Building Materials

Building Materials

Cheshire Brick and Slate can provide you with the products you require for your building project. Bellow are some examples of what we can provide.

  • Bricks, we can provide you with both new and reclaimed bricks. Handmades and Wirecuts, in todays modern times, when buildings are becoming more lifeless and uniform in style. Our reclaimed bricks provide character that their modern day counter parts simply can not match.
  • Roofing, with the vagaries of our British climate it is little wonder that this element of the structure takes the brunt of whatever Mother Nature throws at us. It is therefore only proper that the materials used for cladding the roof should be those which have stood up to the test of time. Natural slate and Yorkstone roofing flags will last for decades without any trouble and these more often than not outlive the usefulness of the building they protect. This it makes sense to re-employ these materials so they can continue in their sterling work.
  • Timber, every day hundreds of acres of our planet's forests are being destroyed to provide timber for te construction industry. Any carpenter or joiner will tell you that modern timber being rapidly kiln dried does not possess the stability of that allowed to mature and season gradually in times when life progressed at a more sedate pace. Wood has a warmth of appearance and texture which cannot be matched by modern plastic alternatives. Why then destroy a fine specimen tree which has taken decades to grow and which is quietly doing its bit to counter global warming when we can supply reclaimed timbers of superior quality for whom it is alas too late to play part in protecting the atmosphere. We at Cheshire Brick and Slate can supply all your timber needs, from simple sections in softwood or hardwood, to complex pieces craftsman fabricated in by-gone days. Whether it be an oak beam, an area of floor boarding, a complete staircase or roof truss, the chances are that we can provide the require item. If the size is wrong we can machine the material down to the correct size, and cope with the inevitable nail!
  • Natural Stone, Who can deny the charm and appropriateness of scale of natural stone paving’s when compared with large bland areas of concrete or tarmac, with their engineered symmetry and straight edges? A walk through pedestrianised areas of our refurbished city centres will soon show you how granite setts, cobbles and yorkstone paving flags can be effectively used to create an impression of space and timeless beauty. Here at Cheshire Brick and Slate we can always provide these materials from stock and our staff will give any advice you may require on methods of laying. Since man first started erecting permanent structures, he has used stone as a building medium and the permanence of this material can be appreciated by the number of buildings which have stood unerringly for centuries. We stock a range of building stone for all masonry needs, including pieces fashioned from the original rock by craftsmen long since gone. Why not incorporate their artefacts into your new building so that their skill and artistry can live on for the enjoyment of future generations?
  • Fireplaces For centuries the focal point of our living areas has been the open fire. whether this be for heating cooking or just gazing into dreaming. Whether your wish is for an imposing "inglenook" or a classic timber or marble surround or a cast iron kitchen range, Cheshire Brick and Slate can supply your every need. Old Cheshire bricks combined with York stone or Quary tiles and reclaimed oak or pine can also be effectively used to create a custom built fireplace. Ask our staff to show photographs of other creations to stimulate your ideas. We can also supply the requisite accessories to make the whole thing functional - dog rates, fenders, smoke hoods etc... We also stock a large range of fireplace surrounds in timber, marble and cast iron, some original, some reproduction but all capable of being used with a functional open fire. If your tast is for something slightly more unusual we have a range of cast iron stoves of varying designs which can be used to advantage in the right setting. To top the whole thing off we always stock a large selection of chimney pots in all shapes and sizes.
  • Architectural Antiques, Having created the house of your dreams using our bricks, stone and roofing materials why "spoil the ship for a ha'porth of tar"? A browse around our architectural antiques section will reveal a veritable Aladdins cave of goodies to turn your home into a show piece. For the garden we have stone troughs, lanters, lamp posts, sundials, statues, cast iron fencing and gates and ornamental stone and cast iron ware plus many other "conversation pieces" too numerous to mention. Many of these are originals but some are reproductions. All are guaranteed to provide those necessary finishing touches to set your home apart from the rest. To Complete the interior we have old stripped doors, original iron and brass ironmongery, leaded light inserts for that added splash of colour and large quantities of other unusual paraphernalia to complete the effect. Our stock is constantly changing and you are invited to browse at your leisure with absolutely no obligation to buy. Our staff will b happy to give any background history we have on the items. A visit to our Showroom may be all that is needed to either locate that elusive piece you have been searching for or provide the inspiration require to fill that odd corner which has long been in need of a finishing touch.
  • Landscaping, we can provide you with all your landscaping needs, we have large stocks of both new and reclaimed landscaping materials, we can also help point you in the right direction of a landscaping architect, and a landscaper that will help turn the areas around your new home, into the dream location you want it to be. Please Contact Us for further information.

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