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Environmental Awarness

The vast majority of our products are Environmentally Conscious, the majority being reclaimed materials with only a few lines being reproduction or new. This allows us to concentrate on decreasing the environmental impact of building work.

Whether using our character increasing reclaimed bricks, which will add all the idyllic charm of traditional British building to your property, or simply using one of our recycled crushed hardcore products, which helps your building projects be environmental from bellow the ground up.

Our Bespoke Joinery is produced using reclaimed timber be it oak, pine or a variety of other woods. This greatly reduces your impact on the environment, and we feel it is a particularly important thing to do, as we live in an era when globally our forests are being destroyed at the rate of 1 acre every second 86,400 acres a day or 31,556,926 acres a year (50,000 square miles). So by using our reclaimed timber products, you are helping to protect the world, and reduce the reliance on these huge swabs of land which are being cut down every day. When we do have use new timber, we source from a sustainable forest, so its environmental impact is limited.

Also within our yard, we have a large selection of Architectural Antiques, which have been reclaimed when buildings are being demolished, these range from small statues to large ornate items such as the 14th century style Reredos we have (Built late 19th century). These items can add that final finishing touch to make your project perfect. A browse around our yard will reveal many different gems which are just waiting for a good home.

So for your next building project, why not take the environmentally conscious approach, using high quality products, which even add an extra beauty to your project, where the modern bland alternatives, have all the character removed and reduce the aesthetic quality of the build.

We feel that reducing our own carbon footprint is crucial to improving the environment as a whole, if you would like to read more about this, we recomend visiting, it has a wide variety of resoucres and information regarding this, and also a carbon footprint calculator, so you can see your own personal Carbon Foot Print.

A fun quiz is available, which will let you find out just how many planets the same size of earth would be needed, if everyone on the planet lived the same way as you do, it is available by clicking here. It is provided by The Enviornment Trust, a London basec charatable trust, working on Environmental issues.

Environmental Awarness